Activists Head to the State Capitol to Show Support for American Troops

By: Reina Flores
March 26, 2022

Activists took to the statehouse steps on Saturday for a peace rally to share one message.

“I’m for states rights and that is all this about,” said Kobach.

Senate bill 370 would prevent the state national guard from leaving the state for active duty unless congress has officially declared war.

The rally featured presentations from military veterans and other supporters, all in support of the national guard.

“And the purpose of ‘Defend the Guard’ is to keep the National Guard in control of the state, which is where it’s designed. The Article I Section 8 of the Constitution says the National Guard can be called into national service for three purposes, [to] uphold the Constitution, to enforce the laws of the union, and to repel an invasion. And without a declaration of war there is no law being enforced overseas,’ said Dan McKnight, Bring Our Troops Home.

With Russia declaring war on Ukraine, some feel American soldiers shouldn’t fully be involved.

“The National Guard should never be deployed on the operations without the declaration of war. That’s not their purpose, that’s not their role. They are trying to drag Americans into a war and if we don’t find a way to apply the brakes we can’t do it in DC but the states can. They can apply the brakes and keep Americans from fully indulging in war and just ask that Congress put their name on the line before we ask our citizen soldiers to put their boots on the ground,” he said.

There is another addition to the bill that speakers say will apply additional protection for troops.

“So if they refuse the COVID vaccine, no disciplinary action will be taken against them,” said Bob Corkins, Chief lobbyist.