Dan McKnight Responds to Kentucky Adjutant General’s Criticisms of ‘Defend the Guard’

During a hearing of the Veterans, Military Affairs, & Public Protection Committee of the Kentucky House of Representatives, Rep. Candy Massaroni (R-District 50) inquired of testifying witness Major General Hal Lamberton, Kentucky’s Adjutant General, whether or not Kentucky’s National Guard ought to fighting “somebody else’s proxy wars.” General Lamberton answered that obligations to foreign nations and the international alliance system require the use of the U.S. National Guard and passage of the Defend the Guard Act would interfere with U.S. combat operations.

Rep. Massaroni, a U.S. Air Force veteran, has introduced the Defend the Guard Act in Kentucky during the 2024 legislative session as H.B. 149.

Dan McKnight, chairman of Bring Our Troops Home, issued a detailed response video to General Lamberton’s criticism. You can watch that segment below.