Eric Brakey Interviews Sgt. Dan McKnight – Free America Now!

By: Eric Brakey
December 30, 2021

“Today probably more than any other time over the last ten years the conservative movement is more and more recognizing that these forever wars overseas are disastrous, are not good for America’s freedom, America’s security, and they’ve been recklessly waged by politicians in Washington DC to profit this military-industrial complex that doesn’t care about America’s interests. And it’s long past time to bring our troops home from all these undeclared, unconstitutional wars. Now one man who has been doing perhaps almost as much as anyone I can think of in America to actually bring our troops home is my guest today. His name is Dan McKnight, he’s the founder and director of BringOurTroopsHome.US which has been leading the charge for ‘Defend the Guard’ legislation in the state legislatures across the country.”

Listen to the full interview here.