Lindholm offers legislative preview

January 13, 2020

Sundance Wyoming
January 9 2020

Lindholm offers legislative preview
By Sarah Pridgeon

…(Rep. Tyler) Lindholm is also working on Defend the Guard an act that would prevent the Wyoming National Guard from being deployed to any foreign war zone unless Congress declares war.

I think thats a huge responsibility of the state and the fact its not in place currently is dumbfounding to me that we are willing to just nod our heads to the federal government any time they want to deploy our National Guard” he says. Our National Guard is here for emergencies of our state and if we need to defend our nation. Currently we dont even have a declaration of war which is constitutional.”

Lindholm expects that the legislation will raise some hackles back in D.C.

The point of the matter is that its our National Guard its our men and women of the State of Wyoming serving in that capacity” he says.

Sending our National Guard overseas without a declaration of war he says is abhorrent and the state should put a check on the federal government when it comes to war powers.

Right now Wyoming is experiencing its second largest ever deployment overseas. A declaration of war provides a mission for our men and women to go after he says; right now after 19 years in Afghanistan there is no clear mission any more.”

I dont know if that one is going to pass or has much of a chance. Im kind of an extremist when it comes to our Constitution” he says.

The reality is that Congress has abdicated their authority to the executive and President Trump has made it very clear he wants to bring the troops home and I think this is a great way for the state to stand up and agree with the president” he says.