Rep. Bryan Slaton Talks ‘Defend the Guard’ and Border Security

By: Hunter DeRensis

On June 10, 2022, State Rep. Bryan Slaton of Texas (R-2nd District) appeared as a guest on [Slightly] Offensive, hosted by Elijah Schaffer. Rep. Slaton discussed his introduction of the Defend the Guard Act during the previous legislative session, and its connection to both foreign policy and border security.

“I filed a bill during session called Defend the Guard. It says that the Texas National Guard cannot be deployed by DC unless there’s a lawful act of Congress, unless they declare war. Well through all that, I found out the last time we declared war was [1942]. The last time. Think about how the wars went before that and after that. We fought to win before that, and after that I don’t know exactly what we did,” said Slaton, and ordained Baptist minister. “And then also before that look at the history of the Texas Rangers. This is something I’ve been saying for about ten years. I didn’t think we needed more money towards the border or anything. The Texas Rangers worked themselves out of a job five times. We had a problem with outlaws, we had a problem with Mexico, and we had a problem with Indians. And they worked themselves out of a job five times. I believe that the governor of Texas at any point, could have utilized the Rangers to help stop it if we wanted to win. And that comes down to a mentality and leadership. Do you want to win? And when we get into these battles whatever way, economically, actual battle, whatever it is to fight the cartels, do we want to win? And looking at our leadership I don’t know if we have a clear answer.”

You can watch the full clip below.